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Study in Canada

A Guide for International Students

France is one of the countries that is gaining steadfast popularity amongst international students for their higher studies. Famous for its traditions and cultural heritage, this beautiful nation also tops for its high level of technological development. Attracting foreign students, the French government also supports the students by providing assistance in terms of financial aids for accommodation etc.

Having a diverse history and culture, the students get both world-class education as well as a sophisticated and diverse environment to live in. France is rich in artistical, philosophical and scientific customs, all making it an exciting destination for students who wish to reconnoiter for adventures while studying.

The top tourist attractions in France encompass:

Being a powerful name in the International Market with its home corporations such as Airbus, Total, Orange, L’Oréal, Renault, and Capgemini, France offers enormous career outcomes to the students. Apart from this, many universities in France have close industrial ties with international giants and strive for recruitment on a multinational basis.

Education System

The education system of France is divided into three categories:

Living Expenses

As an international student, it is important to know and be well-versed with the expenses that you will have to bear beforehand. This helps the student to manage their finances well. An overview is given in the table below:


Average Cost

Tuition Fees

Although the tuition fees depend on the course and college or university, the average cost of education is estimated in the below mentioned table.

Study Program

Average Tuition Fees in €


There are two major intakes in France:

     ● Intake 1– Major Intake – Summer Semester – October
     ● Intake 2– Minor Intake – Winter Semester – April