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DBS Global University | Doon Business School Overview

DBS Global University in Dehradun stands as a beacon for creative dreamers, recognizing that those who dare to venture into uncharted territory are the true architects of the future. At the heart of this academic institution lies a transformative learning experience, built around student centricity. The ethos of DBS Global University encourages students to think beyond conventional boundaries, fostering contagious optimism, ethical decision-making, and unwavering tenacity in pursuit of their goals. This institution distinguishes itself through an innovative approach to education, offering interdisciplinary programs intertwining business, liberal and computing fields that empower students to shape their academic journeys. The freedom to design a personalized path aligned with individual goals and interests sets DBS Global University apart, providing students with a game-changing opportunity to carve a successful and enduring career trajectory. 


What truly sets DBS Global University apart is its commitment to an individualized approach, ensuring that each student’s academic and professional inspiration is nurtured. This approach encourages a continuous cycle of exploration, experimentation, development, and creation, preparing students not just for a degree but for a lifelong journey of intellectual and professional growth. In choosing DBS Global University, students embark on an educational adventure that goes beyond traditional boundaries, fostering a community of forward-thinkers and visionaries ready to shape the future.

Doon Business School Advantage:-

Global Exposure:

Experiential Learning

Vibrant Campus Life:

Student-Led Governance:

Practical Learning Approach

International Certifications

Cutting-Edge Courses:

Lively Environment:

Abundant Internship Opportunities

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Access to Elite Courses

Courses They Offer:-

Doon School of Advanced Computing

Computer Science and Engineering | Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence & Data Science | Finance Minor

Computer Science and Engineering (with specialization in Cloud Computing | Full Stack Development | Cyber Security)

B.Tech + MBA (5 years)

B.Tech + M.Tech (5 Years)

Computer Science and Engineering (with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science / Cyber Security / Ethical Hacking)

Data Analytics | Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality | Game and Graphic Design

MCA with specialization in Full Stack Development

Doon Business School

Marketing | HR | Finance | Business Analytics | Logistics & Supply Chain | Digital Transformation | International Business

  • One week residential program at one of Top IIMs

 One week International Immersion program

(BBA+MBA) 4 Years

with specialization in E-Commerce and Supply Chain | Fintech |Digital Marketing | Business Analytics | Entrepreneurship

with specialization in Banking & Insurance | Capital Markets in collaboration with NISM

 with CA Prep (in line with ICAI)

with Digital Forensic

 in collaboration E&Y

Doon School of Modern Media

Media & Creative Communication

Luxury and Fashion Management


Digital Media & Mass Communication

Film & TV

Doon School of Modern Agriculture

Doon School of Liberal Studies

Each student at Doon School of Liberal Studies can design their degree by pursuing cutting-edge courses along with BA/ MA/ B.Sc/ BPA/ BVA – Single, Dual, Triple Majors or Interdisciplinary Majors subject with their passion lies and lead to some of the more relevant combinations and other minors Business domain.



Doon School of Future Skills

Every student of the Doon Business School Group shall undertake at least one future skills course in each semester, which ensures that each Student shall be equipped with cutting-edge future hard skills making them ready for top jobs and industry.

Industry Partner for Academic Collaboration:

"They also have a scholarship program available."

The scholarship scheme applies to students enrolled in any program offered at DBS Global University, provided they have a valid qualifying exam score and have achieved a minimum specified percentage as per the eligibility criteria for their respective program.

At Eduquest Global, our partnership DBS Global University allows us to offer comprehensive educational solutions to students, empowering them to achieve their academic and professional goals. With our combined expertise and resources, we are committed to guiding students on their educational journey, ensuring they receive the support and guidance needed to succeed in today’s competitive world.