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Why EduQuest Gloabl LLP is your perfect partner for studying in Australia

Want to study in Australia but are unsure about the process? The best person to help you realize your goals is an EDUQUEST GLOBAL. One of the most stunning and popular study abroad locations is Australia. Every year, a large number of students come to the nation to pursue higher education. Numerous highly regarded institutions in Australia provide courses in a range of subjects. This essay explains the significance of EDUQUEST GLOBAL as your mentor and support system while you study in Australia. It also describes how to apply for a visa and for admission to the nation, as well as how EDUQUEST GLOBAL Australia’s education consultants can help you complete these procedures with ease.

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Why Choose EduQuest Global as Your Australia Education Consultant

EDUQUEST GLOBAL is a well-known education consultancy in India, having assisted millions of students over the course of more than 30 years in realizing their goals of studying abroad. Our group of professionals is very skilled in providing services related to international schooling. Our goal is to facilitate students’ international study abroad travels as much as possible.

Australia is one of the most popular studies abroad countries for international students out of all the other countries. These are a few explanations for its popularity:

Study Options in Australia

Australian universities provide a wide range of degree options for international students who choose to study abroad there. Study advisors in Australia, such as EDUQUEST GLOBAL, may assist you in selecting the best course to fit your interests and career objectives. 


The top study options in Australia include:

Complete guidance in selecting a course of study in Australia is offered by EDUQUEST GLOBAL education specialists for Australia. Speak with our professionals for more information.

Learn More From Australia Education Consultants About the Requirements for Entry to Study in Australia

The top 10 Australian universities for higher education were listed in the section above. The admission requirements for students are varied at each of these universities. It is advised that you confirm the exact requirements of the college to which you are submitting an application. The majority of Australian institutions adhere to the standard requirements listed below:

How Australia Education Consultants Help with the Australian Study Abroad Entrance Process

EDUQUEST GLOBAL study-abroad consultants for Australia are qualified to assist prospective students in advancing from the university’s application to admission stages. They help, mentor, and encourage students as they navigate some of the most important processes in the Australian university admissions process:

Help with Documentation and Visas: EduQuest Global LLP, Your Australia Education Advisor

It’s important to start the process of applying for a student visa as soon as you have the letter of enrollment from the Australian university you applied to. The most important document for your study abroad experience is this one. Your study journey to Australia would be guaranteed with the successful acquisition of a student visa. The education advisors at EDUQUEST GLOBAL Australia provide students with all the help and direction they need to apply for a visa.

To study in Australia, you must have a student visa (subclass 500). Students can remain in the nation for the duration of the chosen course of study with the help of the visa. The Australian student visa typically lasts for up to five years on average. With the subclass 500 student visa, you are able to:

In order to apply for an Australian student visa (subclass 500), the following paperwork is needed:

The education advisors at EduQuest Global will help you with every step of the visa application procedure. Our knowledgeable specialists provide accurate details regarding the requirements and terms for each nation’s visa. They would increase your chances of getting the visa and make sure your application is error-free.

Notice: EduQuest Global makes no guarantees regarding the issuing or procurement of visas for students. All we do is help and support with the student visa application process.

Indian Students' IELTS Requirements: How Australia Education Consultants Can Help

Indian and foreign applicants to Australian universities need to have an overall IELTS score of 6.5. Students also need to have scored at least 6.0 on each band of the IELTS exam. The IELTS score criteria for some professional courses in Australia could be a little bit higher. You will receive further guidance on this from your EduQuest Australia education specialist.



When taking the IELTS exam, Indian and other international students can also receive advice and support from our qualified professionals. One of the most well-liked and widely recognized exams for English language competency worldwide is IELTS. As a proud co-owner of IELTS, EduQuest assists students in getting ready for the exam to increase their chances of getting accepted into Australian universities.

Cost of Living in Australia

Depending on your lifestyle and other factors, the real cost of your stay in Australia could vary. These consist of the dwelling location, the city visited, the type of accommodation chosen, and more. An individual’s annual cost of living in Australia is expected to be AUD 20,000. A family in Australia could see a gain of up to AUD 50,000 annually.