Build Confidence With Our Spoken English Classes

Do you feel underconfident when speaking English? Do you wish to enhance your English speaking skills? Do you have good knowledge but are doubtful and get anxious when it comes to speaking in English? Or do you wish to enhance your fluency and sound more like a native English speaker? With our English-speaking classes, you will get a green card for all the above questions!

You must have heard about the soft skills that are required when applying for a job, but what are these skills and how are they important? These are the interpersonal skills used when communicating with other people and tell about the personality traits of the speaker. Soft skills include verbal communication blended with the perfect essay of emotional intelligence.

About the English Language

What is the first choice of language in the world? That’s right! It is English. English is spoken throughout the globe and is the official language of around 70 countries. That’s why it becomes important to learn how to communicate effectively in this language.

English is the mode of instruction when it comes to studying in overseas universities, either as the first language or the second language. That’s why it becomes important for foreign studies aspirants to have a firm command of the language.

The Importance Of Good Communication Skills

One can speak English, that’s good but just conversing in English is never enough. To make an impact on your listeners you need strong communication skills. Your speaking skills are what make you stand out from the crowd. Be it for a student, an entrepreneur, a teacher, or for any profession, it is appreciatively important for anyone and everyone to have these skills.

For everyday life: To make people comprehend what you wish to say, and to make an impression on others, and to omit misunderstanding, a good level of communication is required.
For students: Whether it is building friendships or giving out a presentation in front of the class, a stronghold on English communication is important.
For professionals: When you wish to hold command and respect of your fellow colleagues communicating well is the key.
For businesses and organizations: Effectively communicating is what will direct you when you want to sell your product or services and grow your business.

Being confident while speaking English can boost your life in indefinite ways, whether in career prospects or your social life. It helps in exploring yourself as well as the world around you.

Why Choose Eduquest Global?

Just like technical skills and written communication, Spoken English is an important aspect of everyday life. With our expert teachers, we aim at guiding you towards excellence and help you speak English naturally and fluently.

Our expert teachers intend on providing you with the skills that are used in everyday life while also growing your English Language knowledge by providing you with hundreds of daily vocabulary and phrases.

Our skilled English mentors assess your linguistic methodologies and then form a personalized study plan and curriculum. It is defined to meet all your needs and requirements in order to accelerate your learning and extensive practice.

You will understand how to express yourself better with more precision and accuracy. Without the fear of mispronouncing the words or applying wrong grammar in your sentences, you will be able to communicate assertively.

The key skills that you will learn from our course are the ones that are effective in all walks of life. Our course structure is based on the level of English proficiency skills of a student. However, in overview, the following are the fundamental facets of our Spoken English Coaching.
       ●   How to maintain a firm body language.
       ●   The intonation of words and preserving a firm tone of voice.
       ●   Regular practice of speaking face-to-face with other students in order to sustain eye contact.
       ●   Expressing yourself clearly and concisely, keeping time management in mind.
       ●   Provide you with different viewpoints to practice such as conflict resolution.

By the end of this course, a new you will be formed – A Confident You!

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