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In collaboration with St Gabriel International & The Edu Network

In India, the learners will begin their intense lessons. For three months, they must attend four hours every day, Monday through Friday. It would be a fantastic idea to hold at least one workshop online from the SGI offices in order to get to know the students. They will be required to take an exam after finishing the course to demonstrate that they have achieved at least level A2. Otherwise, students will have to enrol in a different course to acquire the indicated level, which will begin in September of next year.

If the student achieves the requisite level, the next stage is to continue studying for another six months at St. Gabriel International in Seville, Spain. In order to attend university after finishing this course, you must acquire level B1, B2. They will also need to select what they want to do after finishing the Spanish course, which university and degree they want to enrol in, and we will need to check with them to see whether the lessons they want to enrol in after finishing the foundation course are feasible.

It is necessary to demonstrate the rationale for your journey to Spain, primarily, that you want to enrol in a Foundation Course to enhance your Spanish and then apply to universities afterward. To apply for a VISA, you must learn Spanish in an Instituto Cervantes-affiliated school (which we are) and show proof of where you will be staying while in Seville.

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