SAT Exam- Preparing With The Best

You must have seen that the ivy-league colleges require good SAT/ACT exam scores in order for you to compete for admission. The race for providing the best assistance is not far behind the race for entrance in the top-notch universities.

But what exactly is it? And how to enroll in SAT online classes? Worry not, you are at the right place. We have all the answers to your queries!

What Is the SAT Exam?

Scholastic Aptitude test or as we call it the SAT exam, is a criterion exam based on which students compete for the entrance in various educational institutes. The test assesses the general linguistic and mathematical expertise of the candidate. This pen-paper based examination helps the universities to compare the caliber and qualifications of the prospecting student.

Conducted by the College Board, this is a universal exam, especially required in the US and Canada. There are no basic eligibility criteria for this exam, anyone who has completed their high school can appear for this test. The validity of the SAT score is 5 years.

Who Is This For?

Analogous to GRE and GMAT, SAT is for undergraduates who wish to pursue their graduation in the top universities across the globe. Being one of the pre-requisites of many universities, the students wishing to get admission in European, Canadian, and American colleges are advised to bag a good score.

Moreover, on the basis of the test scores, the student gets good opportunities in university admission and secures handsome scholarships. Moreover, it helps in balancing out a lower GPA.

Conducted by the College Board, this is a universal exam, especially required in the US and Canada. There are no basic eligibility criteria for this exam, anyone who has completed their high school can appear for this test. The validity of the SAT score is 5 years.

Types of SAT

The Scholastic Assessment Test is basically categorized in two tests:

Both SAT1 and SAT2 have similar structures, the basic difference lies in the specifications. Both these have an optional Essay section which helps boost up the score, if attempted. The syllabus for different SAT tests is given below:

SAT General Test

This test entails the comprehensive competence of literature and mathematical aspects of a student, that are required for the pursuance of any graduation program. It judges the cognitive and critical approach used by the candidate, overall judging the inclusive understanding.

SAT Subject Test

The verbal section grades the ability of a student to analyze and interpret published materials that are required in most graduate schools. It has 2 sections with 20 questions each. The time limit for each section is 30 minutes and the type of questions are as follows:

However, SAT 2 has been discontinued to lessen the burden on students and the decision has been acted upon since June, 2021. You can read more about its termination on the official site.

SAT Test Modules

Since the subject test has been eliminated, the SAT general test basically encompasses 3 sections, examining the subjective thinking of a student. The overview of each is given below.

Writing Section

This part of the exam helps to evaluate a student’s critical reasoning. It is a component of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section. In this, you are required to read the passage, analyse, determine errors and fix them.

It has MCQ questions with a time limit of 35 minutes. Fundamentally, this section of the exam is intended for measuring the below-mentioned skills of a pupil:

Critical Reading Section

The reading section grades the ability of a student to scrutinize and decipher published materials that are required in many undergraduate schools. To score a good grade in this section, you might have to read in between the lines and interpret what the author is trying to say.

The time limit for each section and the type of questions are as follows:

SAT Mathematics

This part is mightier than most people think. As the name suggests, it measures the understanding of numerics and concepts. Elementary comprehension of linear equations, algebra, geometry, problem solving and data analysis is a requisite. This section helps evaluate the fluency, conceptual understanding and the ability to apply the concepts in real life problems.

The time limit for each section and the type of questions are as follows:

Don’t worry, a calculator is provided for the algebra and functions part.

Fees for SAT exam

The SAT exam fees range according to the United States dollar exchange rate.

It is advised to pick a test date that gives you a time period of 3-4 months in between for preparations.

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