A Brief Insight About CAEL Coaching

A far-extending dream of every student is to get enrolled in an ivy league education institute. Although meeting all the criteria, sometimes the profile just lacks something that is hard to decipher, which becomes the reason for not getting admitted to the desired university/college.

That’s why it becomes important to make your profile stand out from the rest. And that’s where CAEL will help you.

What is CAEL?

The Canadian Academic English Language Test (CAEL), is the assessment test aimed at evaluating the linguistic proficiency of a student who is targeting to acquire their higher education in Canadian post-secondary institutes.

Top universities of Canada like the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, and McGill University acknowledge the CAEL assessment test. This exam is accessible as a computer-based exam, thus the name, CAEL CE (computer edition).

This examination measures the overall hold a student has on the English language by assessing it in 4 modules, namely, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Providing an authentic depiction of language utilization in a Canadian academic context, CAEL is widely accepted in Canadian universities.

The test date and test center are at the liberty of the applicants, meaning that they can choose those as per their schedules. The results generally take 8 business days. The applicant can submit the CAEL CE test for admissions directly to five Canadian universities or colleges.

Modules of CAEL

Before you read further about the modules of CAEL text, it is important to know that the topic of the whole exam remains the same throughout the 4 modules.

CAEL Reading

CAEL Listening

CAEL Writing

This section is further divided into two parts:

Academic Unit A

Academic Unit B

CAEL Speaking

Criterion- Band Score Awarding

The English language proficiency tests are assessed by awarding a key score to the test-takers, the CAEL test is no different. It is scored between 10-90, and a score of 70 and above meets the university entry requirements. A score ranging between 50-70 might meet the requirements at some colleges or universities, however, any lesser than that is too low to be considered.

A general band description is given below:

CAEL CE Band Descriptor


CAEL Scholarships for International Students

This Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) offers a great opportunity to the test takers by offering financial aids to the students. A total of 6 monetary scholarships are given to international students.
      ● $4,000 to one student currently studying in Canada
      ● $4,000 to one student currently studying in a foreign institute
      ● Two $500 runner-ups for students currently studying in Canada
      ● Two $500 runner-ups for students currently studying overseas

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the scholarship, these below-mentioned points are needed to be taken care of:      
      ● Achieved a score of 70 or higher on CAEL
      ● Completed the essay submission
      ● Admitted or enrolled at a Canadian post-secondary institution
      ● Submitted the CAEL CE Test for admissions to a Canadian university or college as
          proof of English language proficiency

How to apply?

Once you have received a score of 70 or higher and are eligible for the scholarship, the applicant can apply directly through their CAEL account for the scholarship. Log into your CAEL account to access your application form.

How Eduquest Global Is Going To Help You?

With the experience of 28+ years, we recognize the difficulties faced by the students and care deeply about them. Our main focus is to ensure that no aspirant has to face any issues.

Being a competitive exam, it is necessary for the candidate to gain proper guidance on how to ace it. Our teaching pattern is smooth yet effective, inclusive of a basic assessment by our faculty at the very beginning of the course. Based on this, the aspirant is assigned to an expert, who will help the student to excel in the test modules. Endeavoring greater results, we take complete consideration of your requirements and frame ourselves to better suit your terms of learning.

Our Approach

 ➔ Step 1: Evaluation
                   ◆ We’ll get to know your academic background, study style, and goals.
      ➔ Step 2: Match
                   ◆ Once we understand your needs, we’ll select the right tutor for you.
      ➔ Step 3: A Custom Plan
                   ◆ Your tutor will create a study plan that fits your needs and schedule.

Our focal point is to make the students familiar with the examination pattern. We believe that the greatest way to outshine in any exam is to work at your own pace according to your grasping abilities, therefore, we ensure a calm and positive environment is maintained throughout